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    We provide exclusive hosting, email, domain & SSL security solutions to clients of WRL Development & IT Consulting.

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    Highly Scalable VPS & Dedicated Server's

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    The Best Support for Managed Hosting. Period.

    All our hosting tiers come with a 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee. But the main reason it's the best... the managing and supporting team are the same people that built your app/site/project in the first place, what could be better!


Secure & Reliable

WRL servers have high physical security with perpetual software security and power redundancy. We also provide clients with free* (*or very discounted) SSL Certificates. Your data will be secure with us.

Top of the line Servers

Dedicated-Grade Servers

We have a dedicated amount of servers specifically for our clients at WRL Development & IT Consulting, for the price of at best a minimal shared hosting account- you will get at least a 16 core 8gb RAM .


Customer Support

We don't just have a dedicated team of support for sales and support to help you in anytime. The team that will be supporting you will be the same team that helped design and develop your app/website/project. You can also live chat with us anytime*.

Top of the Line Features

You will get lot of premium features for the price of 'basic' tools.


Solid State Drives & Redundant Backups

All your data is stored on multiple instances of your live file structure, with redundant backups and local on-site backup. All stored on SSD's at every step. Additionally, you have the abililty to rollback your file system to a day or even hours beforehand.


SSL a must for E-Commerce, and now SEO!

Along with perpetual security, your hosting account will be prepped for SSL security, required for any sort of e-commerce activity... but now considered a must due to their boost in SEO because Google now favors encryption over many other factors.


cPanel Included

All hosting accounts come with the latest version of cPanel. This makes life easy for you to do routine tasks such as personal backups, subdomain creation, setting up email addresses and managing MySQL (and various other available types of) databases and other backend code.


Latest & Greatest Software

All our hosting accounts allow you to install/run popular software such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joolma and Magento in one easy step. Upgrading your software is just as easy!


External Developers Welcome

Don't feel locked in; just because we are hosting your content doesn't mean we can be the only developers working on it! All accounts can use SSH, GIT & SVN command line tools on our servers. Furthermore, we cannot access your files without your permission.


Latest Dev Frameworks & Tools

Our network runs the latest stable and secure versions of a vast array of software in which the list is too big to fit here. Server specifics and can be found here.


Features Ready Out of the Box

We spare no expense to keep our servers feature full and top-of-the-line.

Our Servers utilize the highly coveted cPanel management suite and are packed full of a wide array of Software. See our Demo!. Our network runs the latest stable and secure versions of PHP 5.x-7, Perl, Python, Ruby, Node.js, utilizing database structures such as MySQL to MSSQL... all running on one of the many Linux builds available, from to CentOS or Ubuntu to a specific stack like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP -- all the best server-side software to get a full featured custom web application developed). All of that is offered on our shared (with other clients, no one random) environment. On top of that we offer:

  • Highly Scalable VPS Instances
  • Managed Dedicated Services
  • 'Build your own' environment
  • Extremely fast server speeds
  • Apache LiteSpeed with TurboCache
  • All completely managed by our team!


Kind words from our valuable clients & customers that of which are hosted with us.

Mozzy Azarian

WRL Development was a fast, affordable, and responsive solution to get our site launched with no issues. The collaboration between graphic design and web development made everything much easier than going from firm to firm to get estimates and mockups that were overpriced and sub-par. Wouldn't recommend any other firm!

Earle, Devan | Founder & Lead Tutor at Dallas Admissions Consulting
Faithon Lucas

I know quite a few graphic and web designers in my area, but [WRL Development] blew their cost estimates and mockups out of the water. I wouldn't recommend any other [firm] to handle our web development needs, and I wouldn't trust any other firm with my secure content like our customized email and our private data.

Lucas, Faithon | Co-Founder, Apollo Entertainment Group
Devan Earle aka Leo Watts

Ridge was an ultimate professional when designing a website for my company. He was punctual, informative, and accomodating. He also delivered a great product, with a very close attention to updatability and flexibility, all at an excellent price. I recommend Ridge and his team highly.

Azarian, Maziar | A&B Dallas Construction Inc.
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Compare & Contrast

The evidence is as clear, we provide the best service at the best price, guaranteed.

Here's a hint: we don't waste our money on cable TV ads with Nascar & models (looking at you, "dad"... aka GoDaddy, if anyone missed that).


  • CPU/RAM : 16core/64gb
  • SAN/SSL Ready : Yes
  • SSD Storage : Only
  • Server OS : CentOS 6
  • Scripting Languages : Large Variety
  • Addon & Sub-domains : Not metered
  • Email Accounts : Not metered
  • Shared 128bit SSL : Free with certain packages
  • cPanel Client Dashboard : Yes
  • 24/7 Top Support : Yes
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee : Yes


  • CPU/RAM : Slow & Not Measurable
  • SAN Ready : Extra $$
  • SSD Storage : Extra $$
  • Server OS : Shared Linux*
  • Scripting Languages : Yes, but Limited CPU/RAM
  • Addon & Sub-domains : Limited
  • Email Accounts : Limited
  • Shared 128bit SSL : Extra $$
  • cPanel & WHM Client Dashboard : Extra $$
  • 24/7 Top Support : N/A*
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee : No*

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